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AGRODEV has developed a set of specific services to provide the technical and strategic advice really needed to propel the changes underway in a sustainable way. These services have been formulated after identifying and analyzing the strengths of the best tools and channels for delivering advice appropriate to the African context.

Administrative, financial and logistics management

Carrying out an international mission requires a reliable partner on site, capable of providing adequate assistance (travel, accommodation, etc.) to ensure the mission runs smoothly. AGRODEV can provide you with logistical assistance and administrative and financial management.

Project engineering and monitoring-evaluation

From planning to implementation, from monitoring and evaluation to capitalization, we intervene at all stages of the project and program life cycle. We ensure :

  • Identification and preliminary studies
  • management and monitoring-evaluation
  • the capitalization of experiences

Capacity building advice and coaching

Human resources are a key factor for any economic entity. In order to strengthen your skills and those of your partners, we identify training needs and develop adapted modules.

We provide advice for cooperatives, companies and NGOs. 

We coach business and organizational leaders.

Gender development and innovation and agricultural entrepreneurship

From the seed to the production method, we accompany the implementation of agricultural innovations at all levels. 

We support the professionalization and networking of value chain actors and agricultural clusters.

We provide support in conducting trials, action research and evaluating proven processes,

We support the development of collective production spaces and the promotion of modern farms.

Technical studies and economic analyses

In order to best meet your study needs, AGRODEV has a wide range of profiles within its ranks, including socio-economists, agronomists and managers. We have a vast network of consultants with diversified skills.

Environment and agropedology

As we are all committed to development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs, AGRODEV supports you through :

  • the realization of your environmental impact studies, 
  • organic and fair trade certification, quality certification, 
  • assistance in the implementation of assisted regeneration techniques
  • agroecology.

Representation of companies and NGOs

The good visibility and efficiency of an organization could depend on its location. AGRODEV gives you the opportunity to be represented wherever you are located, making it easier for you to improve your positioning.

Private workspace rental

Finding good premises for the establishment of a structure is not easy and can take a lot of time. AGRODEV offers you a coworking space with wifi, meeting room. 

We facilitate the installation of NGOs and companies in colocation and management mode, as well as warehouse management.

AGRODEV has a great experience in the organization of agricultural events such as fairs, demonstration days, etc.

Support for export and quality control

Each exporting company has to carry out a set of steps for the export of its products. AGRODEV assists you for your exports to Africa and the European Union (EU). 

We support in seed germination tests, sampling and shipping via DHL.

We facilitate access to laboratories in AFRICA and EUROPE.

Discover our projects

Thanks to its expertise, AGRODEV is a prime contractor for development projects financed by national and international donors, of varying sizes and scope. The portfolio comprises projects in several agricultural sectors (ginger, moringa, fonio, fruit, etc.) and with different concepts (agroecology, contract farming, organic farming, etc.).